Friday, April 19, 2013

Autumn Quakies

In the Fall of 2010, I was hiking through a stand of quakies in Fairview Canyon, Utah. I decided to paint a few of them, and chose this particular scene.

Provo River Falls V

Every time I go up to Provo Falls, I find another scene that I just have to paint. So here is another one. Hope you like it.

Hickman Bridge

This arch is in Capital Reef National Park, Utah. You will have to hike a mile or two, but it is worth it. Beautiful red rock country.

Low Tide

This is also along the Oregon coast. I live in southern California for a while, and did some surfing and diving. Loved the beach.

Moose Falls # 4

This view of the falls is to get in some of the beautiful creek below the falls. It is located in Yellowstone National Park. One of my favorite spots. I never pass this up.

Below Drift Creek Falls

When you get to the falls. you are standing at the head of the falls. You cross over the canyon on a suspended bridge to the other side, and look back at the falls. Then you can walk to the bottom of the falls. This is looking down the canyon.

Maple Mountain

We live in Mapleton, Utah, named after this mountain. It is about 2 miles south east of the house. In the spring the foothills are green with grass and maple brush. In the fall the maple turns red and orange. The quaking aspen higher on the mountain turn gold.