Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Yup...Another painting of cottonwood creek. This one is a summer painting. I had to see if I could get all the different colors that are reflected in the water. Im happy with it.
This is a painting of an old church that set on a small hill in Montana. I took a photo of it back in the 1980s. I found the photo, but the church looked lonely, so I added some company. Its called sunday service. I might change the big cloud to a different shape. Maybe
This is the Oregon coast, with the wet sand and three seagulls looking for food.
This is Capital Reef in Utah. There is narrow dirt road that follows the canyon for a few miles. then comes to a dead end where the canyon narrows to about six feet wide, Its all walking from there. I put an old truck on the side hill with rocks in the back. Its called " Still haulin rocks.
Driving up Provo Canyon on a winter morning, with the sun not up over the mountain yet, I had to see if I could capture the glow in the sky and the snow. I think it turned out good.
I painted some paintings this winter that is a little different for me to do. I put in some old barns, cars, trucks and this one with an old train. It was kind of fun.
This is a small painting of the upper Provo river driving into the uinta mountains in Utah. My sons and I pulled off the road at mile marker 14 and walked down a steep hill to the river. We fished for a mile down stream, then climbed back out and back to the car. Great fishing, great company.